Springfield’s Snow Cove serves up icy cold treats

There’s a great spot in downtown Springfield where you can cool off on hot summer days.

Restaurant: Snow Cove Shaved Ice Shop

Location: 117 S. Fountain Ave., downtown Springfield (Clark County Heritage Center building)

Contact: www.facebook.com/snowcoveshop/

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Background/Overview: Micah Level moved to Springfield from Oak Harbor, Wash., in 2010 to do missionary work with his parents Duke and Maureen Level, his five siblings, and the family's two dogs.

In 2015, the Children’s Rescue Center sold Un Mundo (Spanish for, “One World”) Cafe, L.L.C. to its employee Duke Level. Un Mundo Cafe is on the first floor of the Clark County Heritage Center building in downtown Springfield.

Micah Level was attending weekly Christian group meetings when he met his wife Meredith. They presently have two young children, with a third baby due this November. He and his family proudly continue their Christian work, which includes his self-publication of four Christian books.

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Early on, the couple had started a micro-jewelry business, when a friend Aaron Simmons suggested they look into the shaved ice/ice cream businesses. They realized Springfield would be a good market for a shaved ice/ice cream treats shop, so they set the plan in motion.

Luckily, Duke Level knew the Heritage Center was planning to open a small space on the opposite side of his Un Mundo Cafe, that was previously used for various “pop-up” businesses. So, by June 2017, they had acquired the room to become the Level’s family-owned Snow Cove Shaved Ice Shop.

Snow Cove is open from now until Labor Day. It offers almost 40 standard flavors of shaved ice with house-made syrups, and at least 11 premium flavors of Hershey’s ice cream.

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The Menu:

Shaved Ice: Small (12-ounce) — $2; Medium (16-ounce) — $3, Large (24-ounce) — $4.

Ice Cream: Single — $2.50; Double — $3.50; “Glacier” (Ice Cream on the bottom with Shaved Ice on top!) —$1 more.

Shaved Ice Flavors: Banana; Black Cherry; Black Raspberry; Blue Raspberry; Bubblegum; Caramel; Cheesecake; Cherry; Coconut; Coffee; Cola; Cotton Candy; Daiquiri; French Vanilla; Green Apple; Hawaiian Punch; Kiwi; Lemon; Lemon Lime; Lime; Mango; Margarita; Nectarine; Orange; Passion Fruit; Peach; Pina Colada; Pink Lemonade Sour; Pineapple; Red Raspberry; Root Beer; Sour Grape; Strawberry; Tigers Blood; Wild Cherry; Watermelon.

Shaved Ice Favorites: Banana Cream Pie; Banana Split; Blue Crush; Cherry Blaster; Citrus Cooler; Dark Knight; Frog in a Blender; Hawaiian Spike; Island Paradise; Key Lime Pie; Lime Ricky; Margarita Splash; Peach Ring; Rainbow; Root Beer Float; Strawberry Shortcake; Sunrise; Super Hero; The Raspberries; Tiramisu; Wedding Cake.

Ice Cream (Hershey’s) Flavors: Brown Butter Bourbon Truffle; Chocolate; Chocolate Moose Tracks; Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle; Green Mint Chip; Midnight Caramel River; Peanut Butter, Cookie Dough & Caramels; Strawberry; Superman Sea Salted Caramel Cookies & Cream; Vanilla.

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Tuesday through Saturday, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

More Information:

There’s free parking for Snow Cove Shaved Ice Shop customers next to the Clark County Heritage Center building.

Indoor seating is limited to five counter stools, and outdoor seating has chairs for six customers.

Snow Cove “Frequent User Card” has you purchase eight treats and receive your next small treat free!

Snow Cove Shaved Ice Shop is equipped to do special mobile events, with one week’s notice. The owner proclaims, “We offer a family-friendly treat to every end of the city!”

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