Your next chance to buy the NES Classic in Springfield

Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Courtesy of Nintendo.

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Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Courtesy of Nintendo.

The NES Classic has been one of the hottest gaming items of the season. With stores carrying them in limited supply, it has caused the hot ticketed item to sell out in minutes from each location. Participating stores have used cloak-and-dagger techniques to release information when the gaming system will be on sale at their locations.

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Best Buy is the latest to announce a sale of the console, which will take place on Dec. 20. The announcement came as Best Buy accidentally unveiled it’s sale to customers via email. Best Buy’s misfortune is the gain of NES Classic buyers. No word on how many consoles will be made available.

Best Buy joins a list of stores who have offered limited sales of the gaming system. Gaming stores, such as GameStop, have had several sales, only to sell out of their limited quantity in minutes.

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NES Classic, the pint-sized version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, comes pre-loaded with 30 classic NES games, including Super Mario Bros., Techmo Bowl, Pac-Man and more.

During its initial release, stores sold out of the console in minutes. NES Classic has been available on third-party sites, such as eBay and Amazon, with prices starting at $250. The console’s retail price is $59.99.

Amazon also announced they will have a supply, but the catch is you must buy the console at one of their 3 locations in Seattle, Wash., Portland, Ore., and San Diego, Calif.

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