Uncle Beth’s BBQ serves it up in North Lewisburg

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Restaurant: Uncle Beth's BBQ

Location: 6262 Ohio 245, North Lewisburg

Telephone: (937) 747-0123

Online contact: Facebook.com/UncleBethsBBQ


Beth White is from Toledo and currently resides in Belle Center. She has two adult children, Matthew and Ashley. They, her son’s girlfriend Nicole, her devoted boyfriend Tim, and her handyman brother Jeff all help keep her life running smoothly.

The local businesswoman had prior restaurateur experience from owning “A Better Place” in Mechanicsburg for several years. During that time, Matthew and Nicole were visiting from New York and told Beth they knew the popular trend in dining was carryout barbeque. They asked Beth to look into the prospect of opening a BBQ shop. She said, “If you kids come and help run it, we’ll put it together.” Her kids said they would agree to a one-year venture.

Beth found an empty old cabin that most recently was the “Country Junction” pizza place. Matthew and Jeff took three months to totally revamp the site; however, were resolute in keeping the rustic cabin charm. “A Better Place for BBQ” opened in July 2011 with Beth, Matthew, and Nicole as co-owners.

In 2013, Matthew wanted to change the name of the eatery to commemorate Beth’s niece Shayna, who jokingly called her Aunt, “Uncle Beth.” Shayna was killed in a car accident many years before, yet, the family never forgot the fun name. And, as far as Matthew and Nicole’s relocation agreement, the kid’s one-year venture has turned to the five-year anniversary of the trendy and very popular Uncle Beth’s BBQ!

The menu

Beverages: Columbian Supremo Coffee-$1; Coke, or Pepsi products (can)-$1.25.

“Daily Specials” (sliced to order): Thurs., Smoked Turkey Breast, or Pork Loin w/two sides; Fri., Jerk Chicken, or Smoked Ham w/two sides;

Sat., Beef Brisket w/two sides-$8.99.

Sides: Cheesy Biscuits, Cornbread Pudding, or Sweet Potato Casserole (4 oz.)-$1.99.

Dinners (w/two sides): Chicken Breast, Five Wings, Meatloaf, Porked-Out Potato-$7.99.

Ribs: One-half rack of St. Louis-style Ribs w/ two sides-$13.99.

Chicken Wings: Smoked Chicken Wings w/ sauce (six)-$5.99/(18)-$15.49.

Desserts (could be): Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake-$3; Five-layer Cookie Bar-$3; German Chocolate Brownie-$3; Double Berry White Chocolate Cheesecake-$4. A 12-slice Cheesecake (w/ one-week notice)-$35.


11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (only).

More information

Uncle Beth’s BBQ is located at the intersection of Ohio 245 and Ohio 296.

There’s seating for 22 customers inside and there’s four picnic tables outside. Either way, everything on the menu is always, “Homemade, Hot, and Ready To Go!”

There’s a ramp for easy entrance; however, curbside service is offered with a fifteen-minute call-ahead order.

A party-size menu of Uncle Beth’s fresh meats and family-recipe sides is posted on Facebook.

Uncle Beth’s BBQ will be closed for vacation from August 1st to August 17th.

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