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Free burritos for 20 years —1,040 wrapped delights — up for grabs

Chipotle Mexican Grill is saying happy b-day to itself by offering you a chance at free burritos for 20 years.

52 x 20 = a lot of burritos or roughly 1,040 by my math.

The grandfather of 'foil wrapped wrap' restaurants will celebrate the big 2-0 in two weeks and has unveiled plans for a three-week-long treasure hunt contest called "Adventurrito."

For 19 days, Chipotle will give away free burritos for a year — one a week for 52 weeks — to 20 contestants each day.

On the final day of the promotion — day 20 — , the first 20 players who finish a grand Prize of skill, based on speed and knowledge of of “Chipotle lore, trivia and history” will grab a burrito lover’s dream: a free burrito a week for 20 years.

Added up, Chipote says it is giving away 21,788 free burritos in all or enough to feed one person for 419 years.

Imagine eating burritos everyday if you dare. Multiple that by 419 if you double dog dare.

Surely, you wouldn't triple dog dare. Your imagination can get messy.

Chipotle has good reason to hand out all of those burritos.

Steve Ells, opened the first Chipotle in 1993. The chain now operates more than 1,450 restaurants nation wide. That number includes numerous area locations. Click here to find one near you.

Chipotle’s burritos generally cost $6 to $8 in these parts.

The contest begins July 13, Chipotle’s anniversary.

Cleverly enough, Chipotle will “unlock” prizes each evening at 20:20 (8:20 p.m.) at Players who attempt to answer the puzzle before that time the following day will be entered into a daily lottery.

Answer all of the first 19 daily puzzles correctly by 8:20 August for a chance to answer the 20th and final question and end up swimming in burritos.

The daily puzzles will vary from “quick, easy puzzles to more challenging game play, and will incorporate Chipotle history as well as its commitment to better food from more sustainable sources,” the company says in a statement.

Video clues will be presented celebrities, athletes, political leaders, and farmers.

There will be hints in the form of haikus, or ‘Hai-clues.’

No purchase is necessary to play, but to receive the hint, players must text the code found at the bottom of all Chipotle receipts throughout the duration of the contest to 30364.

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