How to bookmark a page

How do I bookmark a page if I want to return to it later?

When using the web version, navigate to the page you wish to bookmark and click the Bookmarks icon in the top menu bar.

To access your Bookmark, go to the ePaper landing page and click on the “My Content” option in the top right corner of the page.

To remove the bookmark, just click on the bookmark icon on your saved page and it will be removed from the Bookmarks section of your My Content.

When using the app, navigate to the page to be bookmarked, and click on the Bookmarks icon in the top menu bar. The bookmark will turn a solid black to let you know the page or article has been bookmarked.

The bookmarked page will now appear in the My Content section of your app.

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Click the video below to see a tutorial of how to bookmark an ePaper page from the web version ePaper.