GM-UAW talks approach resolution

Contract talks between the United Auto Workers and General Motors may be approaching a resolution.

“All unsettled proposals are now at the main table and have been presented to General Motors, and we are awaiting their response,” said the most recent update from Terry Dittes, a UAW vice president. “This back and forth will continue until negotiations are complete.”

Talks in Michigan are approaching their final phase, reports indicate.

This news outlet left message for representatives of both GM and the UAW Thursday.

If a resolution is reached, a proposal would be presented to UAW executives, then members. A return to work may not be immediate. The walkout of nearly 50,000 UAW members began Sept. 16.

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The strike — the longest UAW strike nationally since the mid-1980s — has idled the DMAX engine plant in Moraine, affecting some 550 workers there and impacting about 1,400 Navistar workers in Springfield. Nationally, the strike has affected scores of auto parts suppliers.

“We will continue to bargain this contract until your bargaining committee is satisfied that we have achieved an agreement that properly addresses our members’ concerns,” said Dittes letter, posted late Wednesday on the UAW web site.

The status of temporary GM workers has proven to be a sticking point in the talks, according to reports. GM wants the flexibility of maintaining cadre of temporary workers who receive less in pay and benefits. The UAW wants to strengthen pay and benefits for those same workers while giving them a path toward full-fledged employment status.

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