6 memories of Sears’ heyday: Nostalgic for a time before online shopping

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Markets Insider Sears shares skyrocketed more than 16% Wednesday after the company announced it will partner with Amazon on tires. Sears Auto Centers will provide Amazon customers with tire services such as installation and balancing. The retailer has been selling off brands and real estate to stay afloat. Its shares have fallen more than 70% over the last 12 months. Watch Sears trade in real time here. Amazon customers can select their tires and Sears Auto location online along with a preferred date and time for tire installation.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Sears Holdings has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in White Plains, New York, the company announced this morning.

The iconic company, which owns Sears and Kmart, said early Monday that it will shutter 142 of its stores "near the end of the year" in addition to 46 closures announced this summer. A list of the affected locations was not immediately available.

Earlier this summer, Sears Holdings owned 506 Sears stores and 360 Kmart stores.

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From first jobs to browsing the Sears catalog, Americans have plenty of fond memories of Sears during its heyday. Here are six of the best memories you shared with us:

1. The joy of browsing the Sears catalog

“As a child, growing up in New Jersey the joy of looking at the Sear’s catalog for school clothes takes me back. There were seven of us and that was the big thing back then.” - Donna Bauer, Washington Twp.

2. Christmastime 

“My favorite memories are of the Christmas toy catalog! What fun to fantasize about all the toys!” - Suzanne, Springboro

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3. Choosing toys 

“Every year I would circle the toys I wanted in the catalog…I never seemed to get the Barbie Power Wheels that I ALWAYS coveted…As an adult, I questioned my mom as to why the “most wanted” toy never showed up under the tree when it was religiously circled EVERY year…my mom replied with, ‘Honey, you circled EVERY toy in the book! I had NO idea you wanted one more than the other 200 circled items.’” - Jenne Day, Huber Heights

4. Wish lists for Santa

“I remember us kids eagerly waiting for the new Sears Catalog so we could get our Christmas wish list ready for Santa. We knew whatever items we carefully chose would be under our tree at Christmas.” - Ellen Mowry, Clayton

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Sears has brought back its "Wish Book'' with a digital twist.

Sears has brought back its "Wish Book'' with a digital twist.

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Sears has brought back its "Wish Book'' with a digital twist.

5. Candy counter

What are some of your best memories of Sears? “The candy counter and the Christmas catalog.” - Missy Schroedel, Dayton

6. An ash tray in the elevator 

“I remember riding the elevator up to the girls clothing department. There was always a regal looking man operating the elevator and announced the floor we would stop at. The elevator even had an ashtray back then! The store seemed enormous at my young age and I loved going there.” - Kelli Scholl, Clark County


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