Navistar to lay off 106 workers in Springfield

At least 106 workers at Navistar’s Springfield plant will be laid off by the end of today, according to local union officials.

Those affected by the most recent round of layoffs at the plant are members of UAW Local 402. That union represents assembly production workers as well as those with skilled trades at the Springfield plant, which builds medium-duty commercial trucks as well as cutaway vans for General Motors.

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Chris Blizard, president of UAW Local 402, said the layoffs are a result of Navistar’s decision to reduce the number of trucks built on its main assembly line in Springfield from 97-per-day to 70. That decision took affect on Monday, Blizard added.

The decision to layoff more workers at the plant comes after 30 assembly production workers were laid off in November and an additional 62 were laid off last month.

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