Recall roundup: Parents and homeowners should check for these products

The latest products under recall include a Barbie ride-on camper, power adapters, solar converters and a drill, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Fisher Price is recalling Children's Power Wheels Barbie Campers with the model number FRC29 because they may continue to operate after the foot pedal is released.

There are 17 reports of this happening, but no injuries have been reported.

Don’t let your child ride on the vehicle and contact Fisher-Price at 800-348-0751 for a free repair.

There are 11 reports of Dell hybrid power adapters with power banks breaking and exposing internal components, resulting in a recall.

The recalled adapters were manufactured between January 2017 and March 2017, according to the CPSC.

To see if your product is involved in the recall, enter your manufacture codes here.

Don’t use the recalled adapters and contact Dell at 855-305-9057 to receive a free replacement.

Some DeWALT DWD110 and DWD112 drills are under recall because they could shock you, although no incidents have been reported.

Look for the date codes 2017-37-FY and 2018-22-FY. If there is an “X” after this code it means the drill is not under recall.

The DWD110 drill has the UPC code 885911037518 and the DWD112 has the UPC code 885911057319.

Don’t use the recalled drills and contact DeWALT at 855-752-5259 to schedule and inspection and repair.

Delta Electronics is recalling Eltek solar inverters because the cover can eject with force and cause a fire or injury.

There are two reports of the cover ejecting and a total of 11 reports of the capacitors failing and allowing heat to build up inside the unit.   No one has been hurt.

Don’t use the recalled inverters sold in four kilowatt ratings with the model labels THEIA and HE-t, turn of the switch on the front cover, and switch off the circuit breaker connected to it.

Contact Delta Electronics at 888-770-7142 to receive a free replacement and installation.

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