Another Springfield Mexican restaurant planning move

El Speedy Gonzalez, a Mexican restaurant in Springfield, is changing locations.

The local Mexican restaurant will be moving from its current home at 1100 Upper Valley Pike to 1661 W. 1st St..

Renovations on the restaurant, where Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon once stood, are currently ongoing. A large sign outside the restaurant that says, “Coming Soon El Speedy Mexican Grill & Bar.”

The restaurant manager did not return calls seeking comment, but an employee at El Speedy Gonzalez confirmed the move saying they would relocate in April.

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In the meantime, El Speedy Gonzalez will remain open at 1100 Upper Valley Pike.

El Speedy Gonzalez opened in 2017. It’s most prominent feature is a white warrior stallion in a victory stance, which sits on the front lawn of the restaurant.

El Speedy Gonzalez is the second Springfield Mexican restaurant this month to announce it is moving locations.

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One of Springfield’s two El Toro’s also announced that they would be moving locations, however, the restaurant will be relocating a short five minute walk away.

The El Toro, which is located at 2017 N. Bechtle Ave, will be moving just up the street to 1781 N. Bechtle Ave.

The restaurants manager, Enrique Alvarez, said that the move is mostly due to lack of parking at their current location.

“We have a lot of issues with customers having nowhere to park,” Alvarez said of the N. Bechtle Avenue store.

Alvarez said that the move will hopefully wrap up at the end of June.

“Right now, we are hoping everything will be done by June,” Alvarez said.

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