Ryan Day denies Ohio State sent Michigan signals to future opponent

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

One day after a report someone from Ohio State shared some of Michigan’s play signals with Purdue last season, Ryan Day denied any involvement.

“I’m not gonna get into all that right now, but I can tell you this right now: Nobody here did any of that,” Day said when asked to clarify what anyone from Ohio State might have shared, if anything. “So we went through and asked all the questions and got our compliance people involved and none of that came back at all, so I can answer very strongly that did not happen.”

When asked a follow-up question, he said he was not going to make any further comment.

On Tuesday night, reports emerged that Michigan had received documents showing some of its play signals had been decoded and shared with Purdue prior to the Big Ten Championship Game last season.

The Athletic reported Ohio State and Rutgers were the teams that produced the documents for the Boilermakers.

The Wolverines are embroiled in a scandal stemming from a former staff member allegedly organizing a network of people who were paid to attend games of future Michigan opponents and record the sidelines in order to get those teams’ play signals.

Both in-person advanced scouting and using electronic devices to scout are prohibited by NCAA rules, but stealing signals from a TV broadcast or in person during games when teams are playing each other is not.

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