Think Ohioans are rude? Here's how we rank against other states

Ohio was reccently ranked one of the most polite states in the country.

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Ohio was reccently ranked one of the most polite states in the country.

Midwestern and southern states are viewed as being some of the country’s most polite, a new report shows.

The new report, which analyzed the “politeness index” of each state, shows that the southern and mid-western regions of the country are the most highly regarded. To determine the index, the small business software company FreshBooks analyzed the invoices of small businesses for the words “please” and “thank you.”

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On average, southern states received a politeness rating of 14 percent, mid-western states received a rating of 13 percent, western states were given an index of 12 percent and northeastern states were rated at 8 percent, according to the report out this week.

Ohio was ranked the third most polite state, receiving a “politeness index” of 21 percent. Oklahoma took the top spot at 49 percent and Alabama came in second place at 27 percent. Rhode Island fell just behind Ohio in the fourth spot and Massachusetts rounded out the top five at 17 percent, according to the report from FreshBooks.

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Tennessee and Utah tied for the title of being the least polite state with each earning a rating of just 6 percent.

Although northeastern states had the lowest combined “politeness index,” only one came in the bottom five. New Hampshire came in at No. 47, tying Mississippi. Each state received a rating of 7 percent, according to the report.

The state of West Virginia rounded out the bottom five states, coming in at No. 46 with an 8 percent “politeness index.” West Virginia’s index tied with that of New Jersey, Illinois and Delaware, according to the report.

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