Upper Valley Mall: What people are saying now that the Clark County property has a buyer

Community members took to social media this week to comment on news that the Upper Valley Mall, which has been losing tenants for years, has sold.

Clark County officials announced Wednesday that they identified a buyer for the Upper Valley Mall. Set to close later this month, representatives of the new development company say they plan on converting the mall into a business park.

The Springfield News-Sun’s Facebook page displays reader comments about the future of the space and wishes of what could be next for the property that’s being sold for $2.25 million.

Several community members are sad to see the mall disappear.

“So many memories of that place. I remember when it was built. It was kind of sad to watch it fade away over the years,” Michael Clabaugh said. “Now it’s apparently going to become a business park. Progress?? I don’t know.”

“That was my favorite mall. Hated to see it close. I always wondered if the Fairfield Commons Mall hurt their business when they opened,” Wanda Mason said.

“So much for trying to bring shopping back,” Vikki Adams said. “If other cities can do it why can’t Springfield?”

While some are still holding out hope for some kind of mall or shopping center, one community member argued the opposite.

This will not become a ‘Mall’ I’m not saying that they possibly won’t be, or possibly might be shopping. But this will not be a mall. Our county has been losing population, and population is what you need for shopping centers and or the malls of the past,” Richard Hearlihy said. “In order for a shopping center to thrive you need new fresh housing centers/developments.”

Another commenter is disappointed with the idea of a business park.

“We don’t need ANOTHER Business Park! There’s one out by Love’s, just off of Rt. 41, that doesn’t even have one company! Please develop this property with something all of Springfield can enjoy,” Bonnie Belles said.

“We don’t need another business park,” Sharon Hahn said. “Make it something family-oriented.”

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