$2.8M in road projects on tap for Springfield, Clark County

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$1.4 million: Approximate cost of road construction projects in Clark County, Enon and several townships bundled together to save money

24: Miles of road construction projects in Clark County, Enon and several townships

$1.4 million: Approximate cost of road construction projects in city of Springfield

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The Springfield News-Sun digs into public safety issues that could affect your commute, such as efforts to widen I-70 and install a roundabout on Ohio 235.

Springfield and Clark County motorists will see more than $2.8 million in road resurfacing projects this construction season.

The biggest project is a 6.5-mile stretch of West Jackson Road near the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport between South Tecumseh and South Pitchin roads.

“It’s in pretty bad shape down there,” said Clark County Engineer Johnathan Burr, whose estimated cost for work on three roads totaling eight miles is $572,000.

Burr also is overseeing 34 repaving projects covering nearly 24 miles at a total and costing about $1.4 million in conjunction with Enon and Bethel, German, Harmony, Mad River, Moorefield and Springfield townships.

Six of those projects are a mile or longer. The county and townships are paying for their owns projects, but they bundled them together get a better rate for everyone.

“We run it for them and bill them for it and everybody’s happy,” said Burr, who doesn’t yet have a work schedule of the projects. “It helps me, helps them.”

Springfield City Engineer Leo Shanayda said the amount of repaving projects this year is about average for the city in recent years.

The Clifton Avenue project between East John Street and East Grand Avenue is a carryover from last year and work is ongoing.

The Ohio Department of Transportation also will manage a $410,000 project that stretches nine blocks on North Limestone Street from East 2nd Street to East College Avenue. The city will contribute 20 percent of the cost as part of ODOT’s Urban Paving program and federal money covers the rest. Work will begin after Labor Day and is scheduled to be completed Oct. 31.

Burnett Road will be repaved between East High Street and Columbus Avenue. That’s an Ohio Public Works Commission project and will cost more than $588,000.

The city will pay for three more projects at a total cost of more than $467,000:

  • Lexington Avenue between South Belmont and South Burnett Road.
  • South Lowry Avenue between West Main Street and West High Street.
  • McKinley Avenue from South Freeman Street east to end.

Shanayda said he expects the projects other than Limestone Street to begin around the end of this month.

Additional construction projects managed by Clark County:

Clark County

  • Detrick-Jordan Pike from State Route 41 to Ayers Road.
  • Ayers Road from Ansbaugh Road to Detrick-Jordan Pike.

Bethel Twp. ($122,500):

  • Zeller Drive from Quick Road to cul-de-sac.
  • Knight Court from Zeller Drive to cul-de-sac.
  • Lost Road from culvert to New Carlisle Pike.
  • Musselman Road from State Route 235 to State Route 571.
  • Quick Road from West National Road to Musselman Road.

German Twp. ($85,600):

  • Ballentine Pike from Johnson Road to State Route 41.
  • Pine Tree Place from Moss Point Lane to end.
  • Stone Bridge Drive from Autumn Creek Drive to end.
  • Moss Point Lane from Stone Bridge Drive to end.

Harmony Twp. ($23,900):

  • Wildlane Drive from South Buena Vista Road to end.

Mad River Twp. ($206,700):

  • Old Mill Road from Rebert Pike to Dayton-Springfield Road.

Moorefield Twp. ($288,500):

  • Sandalwood Avenue from end to cul-de-sac.
  • Tamarack Avenue from Harvest Street to Morris Road.
  • Sumac Street from Tamarack Avenue to Sandalwood Avenue.
  • Harvest Street from Sandalwood Avenue to end.
  • Thomas from Merrydale Road to Tulane Road.
  • Mesa from Biscayne Drive to Merrydale Road.
  • Merrimont Avenue from Biscayne Drive to Merrydale Road.
  • Tulane Road from Biscayne Drive to Moorefield Road.
  • Chippendale Drive from Biscayne Drive to Merrydale Road.

Springfield Twp. ($112,500)

  • Kenerly Street from East Possum Road to cul-de-sac.
  • King Tree from Lane West National Road to cul-de-sac.
  • Buck Creek Lane from Robert Eastman Road to end.
  • Eva Circle off Sintz Road.
  • Adlyn and Shadla roads from East National Road to cul-de-sac.
  • Mallard Avenue from California Avenue to end.
  • California Avenue off East National Road.
  • Crabill and Mitchell Roads from Selma Pike to Ridge Road.
  • Fletcher Chapel Road from Titus Road to township line.

Enon ($31,900):

  • Nightingale Trail from Fairfield Pike to cul-de-sac.
  • Canary Court from Nightingale Trail to end.