Township road improvements, other tax levies on Champaign County ballots

Voters in two Champaign County townships are being asked to approve replacement levies while some other voters around the county are weighing in on renewal levies on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Around the county the levies would generate money for road improvements, fire and library services, cemetery upkeep and school upgrades.

“It’s just mainly to maintain and keep our roads in the condition we’ve gotten them up to," Kevin Pence, an Adams Twp. Trustee said. "Without the levy, our roads would decrease and then it takes a lot more money to get them back up to where we got them as of today.”

Adams Twp. has a replacement levy on the ballot that will generate money for road improvements within the township.

“The reason for the replacement levy is because if we just did a renewal - every year you start losing money," Pence said. "We did it for the same millage, but it is a replacement of our old one which will bring us in more money.”

“If you keep doing a renewal, the amount of money the township gets keeps getting cut. The replacement brings it back up and lets us gain more money for the same millage," he added.

Jackson Twp. also has a replacement levy on the ballot that will generate money for general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of roads and bridges.

The News-Sun has reached out to officials in Jackson Twp., but have not heard back.

Johnson Twp., Rush Twp., and Salem Twp. are asking voters to approve renewal tax levies for road improvements.

Other renewal levies, if approved, will generate money for the Maple Grove Cemetery including Village of Mechanicsburg in Goshen Twp., fire in the Village of Mutual, current expenses at the Champaign County Library and permanent improvements at Graham Local Schools.

The accompanying chart shows the tax levies and issues that will appear on the Nov. 3 ballot, according to the Clark County Board of Elections and the Clark County Auditor’s Office.

The annual costs and increases for a $100K home if the levies are approved and the annual amounts the levies would raise was provided by the auditor’s office.

Champaign County Communities
Taxing AuthorityPurposeTermMilageTypeAnnual cost, $100K home, if approvedAnnual INCREASE, $100K home, if approvedAnnual amount levy would raise
Adams TownshipRoad Improvement5 years2.00Replacement$63.00 $18.79 $67,500.00
Goshen TownshipCemetery Levy5 years0.50Renewal$15.75 No Change$40,200.00
Jackson TownshipRoad/Bridge Improvements5 years0.60Replacement$18.90 $6.78 $33,800.00
Johnson Township Road Improvement5 years1.00Renewal$28.34 No Change$48,500.00
Rush Township Road Improvement5 years2.00Renewal$38.20 No Change$39,530.00
Salem Township Road Improvement5 years2.90Renewal$86.65 No Change$187,400.00
Village of MutualFire5 years1.50Renewal$17.55 No Change$1,200.00
Champaign County School District
School DistrictPurposeTermMilageTypeAnnual cost, $100K home, if approvedAnnual INCREASE, $100K home, if approvedAnnual amount levy would raise
Graham Local School DistrictPermanent Improvement 5 years1.00Renewal$11.13 No Change$120,000.00
Champaign County Library
LibraryPurposeTermMilageTypeAnnual cost, $100K home, if approvedAnnual INCREASE, $100K home, if approvedAnnual amount levy would raise
Champaign County LibraryCurrent Expense5 years0.80Renewal$19.71 No Change$339,000.00

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