These 18 people were indicted in Clark County

Eighteen people were indicted in Clark County Common Pleas Court on Monday with the following charges:

Stanley D. Gibson, 21, of New Carlisle: Obstructing official business.

Jennifer L. Bazzell, 41, of Springfield: Aggravated possession of drugs.

Brittany R. Speakes, 35, of Springfield: Theft.

Jed L. Decker, 29, of New Carlisle: Aggravated possession of drugs.

Kevin D. Sadgebury, 50, of Medway: Aggravated possession of drugs.

Sarah Jo Adamson, 41, of Huber Heights: Aggravated possession of drugs.

Rider K. Johnson, 21, of Springfield: Domestic violence, disrupting public service.

Dontesz L. Brandon, 27, of Springfield: Having weapons while under disability, carrying concealed weapon, improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, illegal possession of firearm on liquor permit premises, tampering with evidence.

Jonathan W. Hopkins, 25: Aggravated robbery.

Carl E. Hallen, 50: Felonious assault.

James R. Hughes II, 53, of Springfield: Possession of cocaine.

Victoria M. Vanover, 39, of Springfield: Theft.

Tony M. Snyder, 31, of Springfield: Theft, receiving stolen property.

Willie Weaver, 47, of Springfield: Having weapons while under disability.

Trey Cobb, 29: Aggravated burglary.

Melissa Isaac, 36, of Springfield: Menacing by stalking, violating protection order.

Edward Cunningham, 47, of Springfield: Domestic violence.

Christopher L. Silvers, 45, of Springfield: Possession of heroin, possession of a fentanyl-related compound.