Sunny, cold today; Light wintry precipitation tomorrow ahead of Monday rains

After a very cold night, today will be sunny, bringing temperatures to a high around 31 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Starting in the afternoon, we will start to see clouds increase, which will continue after the sun goes down.

Overnight temperatures won’t fall much, with a low of around 24 degrees. Meanwhile, clouds will continue to increase.

Just before dawn on Sunday, we will start to see a slight chance of snow, which will increase throughout the morning. As temperatures increase toward Sunday’s high of around 35 degrees, the chance of snow will mix with a chance of rain, before switching over entirely to rain in the afternoon.

Rain chances will continue and increase overnight, switching to freezing rain and snow just before dawn on Monday, which will gradually change back to rain in the afternoon.

Sunday night temperatures will barely fall to a low of around 31 degrees.

On Monday, we will see a low-pressure system move through the area, bringing mostly rain to the area, though areas around or north of Interstate 70 will have a greater chance of seeing snow and freezing rain.

The NWS said that in the Dayton area little to no ice accumulation is expected, though we may have less than half an inch of snow fall.

Rain chances will start to fall Monday evening and gradually taper overnight, though the NWS doesn’t expect precipitation chances to entirely go away.

Instead, in the hour or two before dawn on Tuesday the NWS predicted rain will again change to a slight chance of freezing rain and snow as temperatures reach the overnight low of around 31 degrees.

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