Student of the Week Springfield High School

Name: Abigail Frock

School: Springfield High School

Grade: 12

Age: 18

Extra-curricular: Varsity Academic Team, Rec-League Softball, Cycling, Book Club, National Honor Society, Peace Camp Peer Mentor

Claim to fame/honors: AP Scholar with Honor, National Honor Society, International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate, Award of Excellence, 4.856 GP, Super Honor Roll

Words you live by: See what tomorrow brings.

Toughest challenge: knowing when to ask for help

Biggest influence: Ms. Herring and Ms. Biester

School-day rituals: Wake-up, get dressed, brush teeth, and listen to the news

What’s on your bedroom walls: movie and TV posters

When I’m bored I like to... play my guitar

Favorite movie: 1969

Person who would play you in a movie: Elizabeth Olsen

Favorite TV show: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Favorite musical artist: Joni Mitchell

Favorite book: Breakfast of Champions or Goodbye Blue Monday by Kurt Vonnegut

Favorite home-cooked meal: Lemon-Pepper Chicken

Favorite restaurant: Gratzi

Whose mind would you like to read: no one – too intrusive

Place where you’d love to travel: New Zealand

Talent you’d like to have: the ability to sing

Favorite school subjects: History and English

Favorite athlete: Max Grodenchik

Favorite team: The Niners Baseball Team

Something in the world I’d like to change: End war and solve the climate crisis

Favorite high school moment: having discussions with my teachers

Favorite junk food: Goldfish

Best thing about high school: it’s only 4 years