Springfield police urge residents to lock vehicles as temperatures drop

Springfield police are urging the public not to leave running vehicles unattended as temperatures drop heading into winter.

To decrease the chance of theft, drivers should not leave the car running unattended, leave the keys in the vehicle or fail to lock the vehicle when it’s parked, police advised.

“At this time of year as the weather gets colder, people tend to warm their cars up in front of their home or leave the motor running while the driver goes into a gas station or uses an ATM,” said Springfield Police Division Sgt. Dan Harris. “The problem is that others take advantage of the opportunity to steal cars.”

Motorists should remain in their car while it’s warming up and shut off the engine when they step out, he said.

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This is also the time of year to be cautious when shopping for gifts. Shoppers should lock their packages in the trunk as they go from store-to-store, rather than leaving the merchandise on the car seats where they’re visible, Harris said.

The same caution applies to large purchases such as televisions. After the gift or purchase is unpacked, Harris advised people to break down the box before discarding it.

Leaving the box intact and by the curb for garbage collection creates an opportunity for burglary, he said.

People can report a non-emergency theft to Springfield police at 937-324-7685.

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