Springfield Police investigate business burglaries

Springfield Police are investigating several break-ins at local businesses.

Four of which happened on Wednesday, July 26.

“In one of those cases we arrested two individuals,” Captain Mike Varner, with the Springfield Police Division, said.

Police were called to Home Road Self Storage on East Home Road for a commercial alarm according to a police report. They found two people - Jason Robert Moak and Jessica Truman - stealing from a storage unit, reports said.

“Then later in the evening we had three more businesses that were broken into,” Varner said.

Two of the break-ins he said are connected.

“The third one is still being investigated and it is unknown if it is related or not,” Varner said. “In one of the businesses a laptop was taken and the other businesses the suspects were unable to get away with anything.”

Lee Ann’s Dairy Delights was one of the businesses broken into.

“I love my customer base, I know everybody, kids go by so it was really kind of heartbreaking that this happened to me again,” Lopez said.

This is the second-time Lopez said within the past month her dairy shop has been hit. The first time, thieves made off with money and electronics.

“They stole a cash register and that day we were really busy,” Lopez said. “I forgot to the pull the money from the drawer which I never do.”

Since then, she has added security cameras and flood lights to ward away thieves. This time, the thief made away with a priceless possession.

“They had moved the cash register and looked in the drawers and they had also stolen my laptop,” Lopez said.

It has some sentimental value she said because it has pictures of her family.

She’s been a part of the Springfield community for the past 13 years. Her East High Street location has survived a fire and other break-ins.

She believes this break-in is related to drugs,

“I think crime is happening everywhere. I think the drug epidemic is really awful,” Lopez said.

She loves the neighborhood she is in and has no plans to leave.

The Springfield Police Division are still investigating the other three break-ins at this time and have not named suspects related to the cases.

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