Springfield commissioners to review real estate and land annexation legislation

Springfield City Commissioners will be asked to review several ordinances during their public meeting today that relate to real estate and the annexation of land.

Commissioners will conduct two first readings of ordinances that would authorize the city manager to enter into a purchase agreement for real estate.

One pertains to certain property located at 2020 South Limestone St. from Neilson Property, LTD, for an amount not to exceed $314,500. The other pertains to the purchase of property located at 811 Burt St. From Roundtree Home Solutions.

Those first readings will be discussed during the public meeting that will start at 7 p.m. Those items are expected to be voted on during the next commissioner meeting Aug. 31.

In addition to that, Springfield commissioners will be asked to conduct a first reading of an ordinance that would accept an application for the annexation of 72.68 acres in Springfield Township. That land is located on South Burnett and East Leffel Lane.

The annexation request is located in an area of interest for DDC Management LLC, which is looking to build 258 homes in addition to its Bridgewater Development.

During the public meeting, commissioners will be asked to vote on an ordinance that will increase the contract for the buildout of retail space in a downtown parking garage, which is located on North Fountain Avenue.

The ordinance would increase the contract by $21,841.97 at the most for a total contract amount not to exceed $385,220.97.

Commissioners will also vote on an ordinance that would increase the contract amount not to exceed $574,710 for the Primary Effluent Pumps Replacement Evaluation and Design Project.

The contract is part of an Engineering Services Agreement with Black & Veatch Corporation. The total contract amount is not to exceed $1,364,840.

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