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Editor's note: The Centerville schools officials listed in this story retired and were rehired by the school district last year. This caused an error in the data reported to the Ohio Department of Education that over-inflated their salaries. Go here for an updated account of their salaries, as how much they received in severance, and how that compares to other districts.


Original story:

Centerville City Schools Superintendent Thomas Henderson is the region's highest-paid public school district employee, according to data from the Ohio Treasurer's Office, made searchable on the I-Team Payroll Project.

Henderson’s $208,640 salary is tops among the 12,221 area school district employees from 112 area school districts who made at least $50,000 in the 2014-2015 school year.

The list includes 8,232 teachers, 395 principals and 244 assistant principals. A total of 283 of those educators made $100,000 or more.

The highest-paid teacher is Jeanne Duell at Harman Elementary School in Oakwood, whose salary was $94,108 last year.

The 10 highest-paid employees were school administrators:

1. Centerville City Schools Superintendent Thomas Henderson: $208,640

2. Mason City Schools Superintendent Gail Kist-Kline: $173,400

3. Centerville City Schools Treasurer Mitchell Biederman: $171,734

4. Lakota Local Schools Superintendent Karen Mantia: $165,000

5. Oakwood City Schools Superintendent Kyle Ramey: $155,324

6. Dayton City Schools Superintendent Lori Ward: $150,000

7. Springfield City School District Superintendent David Estrop: $146,925

8. Lakota Local Schools Treasurer Jenni Logan: $141,085

9. Kettering City Schools Superintendent Lyle Inskeep: $139,000

10. Mason City Schools Deputy Superintendent Michael Brannon: $138,152

See how much your child's teachers and principal are paid on our searchable database here.

These payroll records come from the treasurer’s office, which obtains them from the Ohio Department of Education based on numbers reported by the schools themselves. It does not include overtime or benefits, so does not reflect gross pay.

The I-Team continues to gather payroll records for area governments and will update the database as records become available. If you have any recommendations or comments on the database, contact I-Team reporter Josh Sweigart at