Property Transfers for June 29


Property Transfers

Clyde A. DePuy to Paula D. DePuy; 1120 Burt St.; City of Springfield; no fee.

Estate of Marilyn D. Bennett to Russell A. White and Rose L. White; 51 Jamestown Road, South Charleston; South Charleston Corp.; $46,500.

Deborah L. Webster, aka Deborah L. Fletcher, to B & G Home Buyers, Ltd.; 2978 Clayton Ave.; Mad River Twp.; $43,000.

Kenny’s Heavenly Homes, LLC. to Donald W. Johnson and Tonya C. Johnson; 1320 Westview Ave.; Moorefield Twp.; $252,000.

Timothy T. Brooks and Joyce A. Brooks, fka Joyce A. Blanton, to Richard M. Nedelman; 4816 Westmont Drive; Moorefield Twp.; $80,000.

Anne Lyon to Benjamin W. Law; 11755 Urbana-London Road, Mechanicsburg; Pleasant Twp.; $85,000.

Walter E. Justice Jr. to Federal National Mortgage Assn.; 1211 Klose Ave., New Carlisle; Bethel Twp.; $37,000.

Robert M. Elliott and Melissa S. Elliott to Everett H. Fortner and Sarah K. Fortner; 37 S. Kensington Place; City of Springfield; $219,000.

Robert S. Cardosi Jr. to Brian S. McEnaney; 626 Tuttle Road; Springfield Twp.; $119,000.

Mary R. McClorey to Justin Brown, Douglas Brown, and Jacqueline S. Brown; 1501 Attleboro Ave.; City of Springfield; $77,500.

Fannie Mae to Jeffrey L. McGinnis and Jane B. McGinnis; 242 Kennedy Drive, Medway; Bethel Twp.; $35,000.

Martin R. Burks to Amanda Elmore and Kay R. Elmore; 5904 Middle Urbana Road; Moorefield Twp. $67,100.

Deborah Hill to James R. Upshaw; 816 Innisfallen Ave.; City of Springfield; $1,000.

Kathryn L. Lay to Joseph Baumer; 207 N. Mulberry St., Tremont City; Tremont Corp.; $18,261.

Jeffrey S. Gastineau and Elsie M. Gastineau to Gastineau Family, LLC.; 580 S. Dayton Lakeview Road, New Carlisle; Bethel Twp.; $178,183.

Home Solutions Partners I REO, LLC. to Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc.; 661 Tibbetts Ave.; City of Springfield; $14,403.72.

Thomas E. Ricketts to Jeffery A. Martindale; 501 Chestnut Ave.; City of Springfield; $10,300.

Clark County Community Habitat for Humanity to Lexy Copeland; 1109 Linden Ave.; City of Springfield; $82,000.

David Z. Mullenix to Federal National Mortgage Assn.; 132 E. Rose St.; City of Springfield; $667.00.

David and Jakendia Morgan to Wells Fargo Bank; 205 Winchester Drive, New Carlisle; Bethel Twp.; $40,000.

Donald L. Backus and Leatha Backus to Sherry L. Witwer; 1132-1134 Murray St.; City of Springfield; $75,000.

Otis V. Cooley and Janice E. Cooley to Kelly J. Roe; 3155 Woonsocket St.; City of Springfield; $76,000.

Robert C. Michael to Cheryl A. Cope; 1505 E. Mulberry St.; City of Springfield; $22,175.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Gary Massie; 2751 Share St.; City of Springfield; no fee.

John H. Miller III to Virginia A. Miller; 2906 Ashlar Drive; Moorefield Twp.; no fee.

Fred S. Pelfrey and Jeanie K. Pelfrey to Pelfrey’s Rentals, LLC.; 925-927 Catherine St.; City of Springfield; no fee.