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Property transfers for June 19


Property Transfers

Wesbanco Bank, Inc. to Dennis H. Swartz; 2247 Scioto Drive; Springfield Twp.; $49,500.

David Max MacGillivray, Jessica L. MacGillivray and Brandy L. Payne to Charles D. Cooke and Cheryl D. Cooke; 2.0 acres on Spence Road, New Carlisle; Pike Twp.; $18,500.

Donald E. Wood to Martha C. Fligor; 171 Royal Lane, Enon; Enon Corp.; $110,000.

Estate of Holly M. Hensley by Amy K. Haddock, executor, to Robert Howard; 1145 Blaine Ave.; Moorefield Twp.; $73,355.

James C. Nelson, successor trustee, to Robert T. Taylor; 3024 Willow Run Circle, Enon; Mad River Twp.; $126,000.

George Raymond Moore and Delora K. Moore to Raymond Alan Moore and Maxine D. Moore; 2762 S. York St.; Springfield Twp.; $45,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kevin T. Conklin; 4285 Detrick Jordan Pike; German Twp.; $45,000.

Marvin E. Clinton by Vickey G. Logan, his Attorney-In-Fact, to Cory Swigart; 1124 Burket Drive, New Carlisle; Bethel Twp.; $51,139.

Forest Godin, aka Forrest Godin, and Carol Godin, to George Henry Clark; 1917 Clifton Ave.; City of Springfield; $13,000.

William H. Gibson to Herta H. Gibson; 522-524 E. Cecil St.; City of Springfield; no fee.