Pike Twp. man indicted after shots fired at Clark County yard sale

Credit: Jessica Orozco

Credit: Jessica Orozco

A Pike Twp. man was indicted this week after allegedly firing several shots at people and a shed at a large yard sale in the 7000 block of Ballentine Pike on Aug. 4.

Danny Jeffers, 69, was indicted on three second-degree felony charges of felonious assault, according to court records. He was accused of shooting targets near his neighbor’s yard sale and hitting their barn and almost hitting one of the property owners. In August, German Twp. Police Chief Mike Stitzel said that shots were fired in law enforcement’s direction when they arrived.

Misdemeanor charges of inducing panic and criminal damaging were dismissed by the prosecutor, according to court records.

Around 10:15 a.m., police were called while property owner Amy James and about 20 people sheltered in a barn on the property as gunshots were ongoing, she said in August. When the shots appeared to be finished, she said her husband went out with police to show the damage to the barn he observed when the neighbor began shooting while he was there.

James said the neighbor often shoots guns whenever the family is holding a yard sale, which is often. James and her husband buy storage facilities to sell their contents.

Bullets struck a new storage barn at the back of the James’ property, leaving holes in the walls and roof, and through tarps covering bales of hay. The barn contains treasured items, including two model barns that James’ grandparents made for her, she said. These were inches from a bullet hole.

Jeffers was the subject of a secret indictment this week, and a warrant to arrest Jeffers was executed on Tuesday, according to court records.

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