Pastor: Community ‘in shock’ after news about Good Samaritan closing

"It's devastating news, I was shocked" said Daryl Ward, pastor of Omega Baptist Church in Dayton. 

His church is just down the street from Good Samaritan Hospital, and he’s had conversations with his parishioners who are still processing the news. 

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"Everybody's just in shock, and people said 'I was born there. I had babies there. I had my babies there,’”he said. 

The announcement that another employer’s leaving the area is something that’s always worrisome, Ward said. 

"But it's not a new concern. This has been a part of the ongoing devastation that's been going on in this community," he said. 

The latest concern is not just for local businesses, but where some of his parishioners will go and who need care, he said. 

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"I'm angry at the leaders of our community in terms of why can't we think about the best for the community," Ward said. 

The pastor said he will be praying that the businesses that are located near the hospital will continue to survive despite the news of Good Samaritan.