OSHP recognizes two men for lifesaving efforts following New Carlisle plane crash

The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) recognized two men for their lifesaving efforts following a plane crash in New Carlisle on October 13.

Timothy Seymour and his wife, Joyce, were landing their recreational Kitfox Classic aircraft at the Andy Barnhart Memorial Airport when the plane’s propeller hit the ground and caused the tail to flip over the nose, a press release from the OSHP said.

The couple was “upside down and unable to release the safety restraints,” the release said.

Patrick Driscoll and Jared Berner witnessed the crash.

The press release explained that Driscoll ran onto the runway and cut the couple out of the plane, while the engine compartment was engulfed.

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“The engine compartment was engulfed by the time Driscoll arrived, and he immediately cut Joyce down from the passenger seat and got her to safety,” the release said. “Driscoll returned to the plane to rescue Timothy, but the fire spread to the cockpit at that point. As Driscoll released Timothy from his seatbelt, his arms were singed but he was able to get Timothy to safety.”

Berner obtained a fire extinguisher from the airport clubhouse and put out the fire.

“The swift actions and teamwork by these gentlemen saved the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Seymour,” Captain Daniel Springs, OSHP Piqua District commander said. “If they would not have reacted as quickly as they did, the outcome may not have been favorable for the Seymours.”

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Driscoll and Berner were presented with a certificate of recognition at the OSHP Springfield Post on behalf of Colonel Richard S. Fambro, OSHP superintendent, for their quick thinking and lifesaving efforts.

According to previous reports, the couple suffered minor injuries. Timothy Seymour also suffered a head injury, the release said.

“If Patrick wouldn’t have been there, we would both be dead right now,” Timothy Seymour said.

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