Reader: People don’t belong on currency

Animals, nature better looking than people

In my opinion, there should not be a picture of any person on our currency. No presidents or other people, regardless of their accomplishments. It makes no difference who is placed on the currency, you will offend some people or groups or special interest. That being said, our currency may or could be rejected by some, resulting in possibly being discontinue in the future for lack of acceptance.

If you will notice currency around the world have pictures of dictators, kings or monarchs. I always thought we got our independence to reject those types of govern (dictators, monarchs or royalty). After all, this is 2016.

The best looking currency the United States has ever produced was the currency around the turn of the century when there were pictures of eagles or animals, no persons on the currency. Instead of people, our currency would look a lot better and be accepted by more if it showed our national landmarks such as our National Parks, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Golden Gate Bridge, Washington Monument, and the White House as just a few examples; also, animals such as buffalo’s or birds, bringing back the eagles. Even states’ Capital buildings are better than people. We should not follow the example of dictators, kings or monarchs.

Our currency should represent the United States, and all the people in the United States, not a selected few people for political reasons. The people you want to place on the currency should be told, but not carried around in my wallet, they belong in history books and not on our currency. — RAY ROSS, EATON

Drugs, drinking and sex

Sex education may be all well and good, but there is a larger issue that seems to be ignored. Discussing consent is a small band aid on the real issue. Alcohol and drugs are all too common on and around campuses, and before that in high schools and even earlier. We cannot ignore and not write more and do more to teach our children how to deal with being under the influence and the implications. Making/having laws that prohibit teen drinking and holding parents responsible are not a solution to the problem, they only make it risky for a parent to allow drinking in the home as a learning exercise and teachable moment to help a child understand the potential danger s/he is in while intoxicated.

More needs to be said about drinking responsibly and not to the point of having judgment so impaired as to allow a rape instead of care and help for sobering up. Drugs make it into drinks. Students need to be taught that they should keep an eye on their drinks to help prevent that possibility. Students need to be taught that they should look out for their friends and even strangers who are approaching a behavioral meltdown under the influence. — WILLIAM N. DAVIS II, BUTLER TWP.

Speak up

Thank you Mike Peters for continuing to provide poignant and touching editorial cartoons, especially in recognition of those passed. Your cartoon regarding Elie Wiesel brought tears to my eyes.

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