Ohio taxes, politics, furloughs and more

It looks like the Ohio Republicans' tax plan is designed to drastically lower state taxes for the rich while lower-income taxpayers will see their taxes go down a pittance. Meanwhile, raising and expanding the sales tax will hit poor Ohioans far more heavily than the rich. Why am I not surprised?

So Ohio ranks third in the nation in giving tax subsidies and credits to businesses and industries that promise to create jobs? Yet, according to the Pew Research Foundation, Ohio ranks 47th in actually creating jobs. Why do we tolerate giving any public dollars to profitable companies?

Soon I will be celebrating Independence Day and freedom and liberty through the remarkable achievements of our Founders. Many of you will celebrate the Fourth of July. If you don't understand the difference, you might be a Democrat.

While private-sector employees take pay cuts and layoffs, public-sector employees are lamenting over 11 unpaid days. One would think they would be grateful for their well-paying jobs and generous government retirements.

Prosecuting Edward Snowden must be quite difficult for this administration. Had this man betrayed America during a Republican administration, he would have been hailed as a hero by liberals.

I agree somewhat with the letter writer who said Republicans were leaders, not opponents, of civil rights legislation in the 1960s. The problem is those Republicans don't exist anymore. I was an active Republican, but had to leave because of the far-right takeover. Moderate Republicans have no chance.

The parties worked together for civil rights in the 1960s because it was the right thing to do. It certainly wasn't "over racist Democratic opposition," as a Speak Up writer says. But Republicans were more centrist and reasonable then. Today's Republicans stand for voter suppression and resistance to anything that would lessen the white-male, gun-toting, good ol' boy supremacy.

If the government can choose which laws to enforce, why can't I choose which ones to obey?

Doesn't the FBI have more important things to do than waste time and taxpayers' money looking for Jimmy Hoffa? Give it up, boys. He's been gone since 1975. You're not going to find him, and besides, what would you do with his remains if you do find him?

Every time someone or some company cheats on their taxes, the rest of us have to pick up the tab. Whether they use loopholes, stash money overseas, or claim to be tax-exempt when they're not, they're stealing from the rest of us.

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