On your mind: COVID deniers with their heads in the sand, DeWine and big time sports

COVID deniers should get their heads out of the sand ― WILBUR R. BROOKS, DAYTON

Those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 are often asked if the departed had an underlying condition?

Sometimes it is an innocent enough question. Often it is not. It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that some COVID deniers use the argument that people who die from COVID are mainly just those with underlying conditions and so were going to die anyway.

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They reason that others are committing suicide at increased rates because of the way COVID is being handled, that is: social isolation, depression, loss of job, etc. Therefore, we should just ignore COVID and get on with our lives. No doubt there is an increase in suicides, but that is likely nowhere close to the number of deaths from COVID/

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We are all going to die, but hey are ignoring what is called excess mortality (deaths). In the simplest case, for any given time frame experts can use prior data from years past to estimate how many deaths to expect. The predictions are pretty good and take into account the growth in the population. Bigger population – more people will die.

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From January of through the first week of October there were about 300,000 excess deaths in the United States. At that time, we had about 200,000 known COVID deaths. I don’t think there is any reason to think that most of those people dying from COVID were going to die anyway in that time frame. Furthermore, such speculation is cruel and hurtful to their families and devalues the lives of those who have died. Those deniers should get their heads out of the sand or wherever and just accept the fact that COVID-19 kills and does so at least ten times the rate of the influenza. Furthermore, it often leaves long-lasting effects on the lungs, kidneys and circulatory system.

Please do your duty to protect, not only yourselves, but your friends, family and others. Socially distance, wear a mask and ask others to do the same. Cooperate with contact tracers, get tested when advised to or if you suspect you have been exposed and quarantine if exposure is suspected. We are all in this together

“Overriding DeWine’s veto is a display of stupidity” ― GLORIA DOAN, CENTERVILLE

Gov. Mike DeWine has been the least authoritarian and most compassionate leader anyone could ask for during this wretched time. What do those hypocritical yokels expect.

DeWine has shown wisdom and good sense throughout this time and continues to be one of the best leaders I have ever observed. He has based his orders and advice on what the medical experts tell him. His press conferences have been intelligent and produce confidence in us.

I would hope every legislator who has supported this counterproductive bill would donate some time helping the sick during the pandemic and then reconsider what a topnotch leader is and what really matters.

Overriding DeWine’s veto is a display of stupidity the likes of which I have never seen. It shows no awareness of the common good. If everyone is sick and dying, we sure won’t have much of an economy anyway.

We reap what we sow when it comes to sports ― MARY COLLIER, BEAVERCREEK

Regarding: “Virus is the real villain in Buckeyes’ COVID-19 cancellation story,” C1 Monday, Nov. 30: Maybe we are our own worst enemies for using our tax exempt non-profit higher education systems as big time sports entertainment enterprises at the price of quality, affordable higher education. Our colleges invest more in recruiting and educating athletes than they do students, future teachers, doctors, nurses, professors and scientists who are on the frontlines for handling pandemics. So we reap what we sow.

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It is only fair big time sports and sports fans should be suffering like the rest of us. Your expectations for being entertained at everyone else’s expense are a major part of the problem from my perspective. These poor priorities have also compromised our K-12 systems as well as government systems - for example, ongoing water quality problems for citizens while governments have invested tax dollars in golf courses and sports stadiums.