Northridge water tank to be temporarily out of commission, part of $700K project

The Northridge Water Tank looms over Emma Randall, left, and Cassie Pencil as they enjoy their cold beverages outside Scouts Cafe. BILL LACKEY/STAFF
The Northridge Water Tank looms over Emma Randall, left, and Cassie Pencil as they enjoy their cold beverages outside Scouts Cafe. BILL LACKEY/STAFF

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

The Northridge water tank is expected to be out of commission for at least two months as part of $700,000 project that aims to repaint as well as make repairs on the structure.

The exterior and the interior of the Northridge water tank are being repaired and repainted as part of planned and routine maintenance. As a result, it is expected to be out of service during that time, said Clark County Utilities Director Chuck Bauer.

The water tank, which can hold a million gallons of water, was constructed in 2002 and serves about 3,800 customer accounts in the area. It is used to maintain water pressure in local pipes that are part of the water system.

Northridge is located in the western part of Moorfield Township in Clark County.

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“The water tank is approaching 20 years old and needs necessary repairs and repainting to maintain the tank,” Bauer said.

Bauer said that the project is not expected to impact water services in the area. However, he said customers may notice a slight change in water pressure.

With the water tank temporarily out of commission, a nearby pumping station will be used to maintain water pressure in the area during the length of the repainting and repairs, Bauer said.

The Utilities Department has also previously installed a new dedicated standby generator to run the water pumping station in case of a power outage, according to a news release from the county.

“Temporary water pressure tanks will also be installed in Northridge to reduce the likelihood of an interruption of water service during the project,” the release added.

Bauer said that the water tank is the only one in the area and has already been drained so that repairs can be made. He said that this will be the first major maintenance on the structure since it was constructed nearly 20 years ago.

Coating within the tank’s interior is expected to last 20 years and water tanks in the county are inspected at least every five years, Bauer stated.

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He said that the Clark County Utilities Department started planning the project in 2018 and applied for grants to help pay for that work the following year.

The county will be using a $300,000 grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission to help pay for the project and the rest of the money will be coming out of the general water fund.

The county has also entered into a contract with Clark County general contractor American Suncraft regarding the project.

The project is expected to take two months to complete depending on the weather.

Those who have further questions or issues regarding their water service is asked to contact the Utilities Department at 937-521-2150.

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