New Mexico high school students served raw chicken for lunch

Credit: kconnors/Morguefile

Credit: kconnors/Morguefile

Several students at a New Mexico high school said they were served raw chicken during their lunch session, KRQE reported.

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The incident occurred at Carlsbad High School, the television station reported. School officials apologized, calling it an honest mistake, KRQE reported.

Madison Meyers, a senior at the high school said she was sitting with friends at lunch when they noticed something was wrong with their food.

"They bit into the chicken and they're like, 'Ugh, this is nasty,' and we looked at it and it was completely raw," Meyers told KRQE. "It was gross."

School district officials told the television station that one of the pans of chicken did not get cooked.

"There was one that didn't fit in the oven, left there on the rack. Then when the chicken was ready, it got taken out and put on that same rack," Food Service Director Lyman Graham, told KRQE. "We sure don't ever want to make anyone sick and it was an innocent, innocent mistake. We're very sorry about it."

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