New Carlisle Skate Park competition to become annual event after success

The Gravity X Skateboard & Jamskate Competition, on Saturday, Sept. 5 in New Carlisle.

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The Gravity X Skateboard & Jamskate Competition, on Saturday, Sept. 5 in New Carlisle.

The GRAVITY-X Skate Competition will return annually to the New Carlisle Skate Park due to its success on Saturday, New Carlisle Mayor Mike Lowrey said.

“After all the comments and feedback, I see no reason not to try and continue doing this event,” Lowrey said. “I have already spoken to some of this years sponsors and they are on board for next year.”

Lowrey, the organizer of the event, decided to have the skateboard and rollerskating competition because he wanted the younger generation to know that they are part of the community.

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“We want to give them a good time and something to look forward to,” Lowrey said.

Around 100 people including competitors and spectators were at the skate park, located at 301 Lake Ave.

The skateboard competition consisted of two age groups: 13 and under and 14 and up. Both age groups were judged and scored on three events including a timed two-minute freestyle, best performance of a single stunt/trick and best performance of an Ollie -- a trick in which the skater and skateboard are off the ground at the same time without using hands.

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There were also two competition events for rollerskaters.

The skate competition was free and had competitors from other cities like Middletown - one competitor, the first place winner, was from a different state and happened to be in the area during the competition, Lowrey said.

He added that he hopes to make the competition better next year by adding more prizes and contests to the event.

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