New Carlisle residents can borrow tools for free

The City of New Carlisle has designed a new program that allows residents to borrow tools for free from the city.

“We’re always looking to try to come up with something that’s not extremely expensive, but is a service that the city can put out there for the citizens to utilize,” New Carlisle Mayor Mike Lowrey said.

The Tool Lending Center, located at a former restroom facility in Smith Park, will allow individuals that reside within the City of New Carlisle city limits to borrow tools after presenting a valid driver license, a copy of their most recent water utility bill, a tool lending request form and borrowers agreement.

Planning Director Derek Hutchinson said he decided to start the program because he “sensed a need” in the community.

“We have a variety of residents here from first time home owners to the elderly - we have a wide-range of citizens here and everyone needs a hand now and then,” Hutchinson said.

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He added that this program allows residents to borrow a tool instead of buying a tool that they may only use one time.

According to the Tool Lending Center Program guidelines, most tools must be returned within 24 hours of pick-up. But, borrowers may request extensions.

Lowrey explained that he was “a little nervous” about tools being returned, but Hutchinson told him that from his previous experience with a lending program in Fairborn the non-return rate wasn’t as high as expected.

The guidelines explain that any tool not returned “will be considered theft and will be reported to the Clark County Sheriff’s Department.”

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“We hope the citizens utilize it for their needs as the years go on, especially in the summertime,” Lowrey said.

Some of the tools were purchased by the city from the city’s planning and zoning budget, but others were donated, Lowrey explained.

Tools available include lawn mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, shovels, rakes, pruning shears, hoses, gas cans, saws, extension cords, a shop vac, a stud finder and many more.

“I think once people find out what we’re doing and what’s available, it’s going to be great,” Hutchinson said.

The Tool Lending Center is operating on a call-only basis for right now, but Hutchinson said they are planning to add hours as residents begin to request tools.

A ribbon cutting for the Tool Lending Center is scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday, August 4.

For a full list of tools or more information, search for City of New Carlisle, Ohio on Facebook, call the planning department at 937-845-9492 ext. 20 or email Hutchinson at

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