National Weather Service predicts warmer, wetter weather than usual to start 2021



The next three months are likely to be warmer and wetter than normal, according to the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center.

These predictions were released in a presentation from the NWS in Wilmington that discussed December 2020′s weather, which the agency said was slightly warmer than normal on average.

In January, the NWS added that the normal high temperature for the Dayton International Airport is 34.7 degrees for the high, and 20.3 degrees for the low. Normal snowfall for January in Dayton is 7.9 inches, while other normal precipitation is 2.71 inches.

The Climate Prediction Center also predicted a La Niña weather event will continue during the first three months of the year.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that the event causes well below-average sea surface temperatures in the eastern and central Pacific Ocean. La Niña tends to last nine to 12 months, but during the winter temperatures are typically warmer than normal in the southeastern U.S. and cooler than normal in the northwestern U.S.

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