Thunderstorm, racing through NE Clark County, rattles residents

The brief thunderstorm that raced through northeast Clark County on Tuesday afternoon downed some trees, blew around some yard items and threw a scare into some residents on Tamarack Avenue, north of Buck Creek State Park.

"I couldn't see the driveway," said Lisa Hube-Grimes, who lost some trees in the storm. "I heard things flying all over the place."

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Some items on her deck were blown into the yard as well, she said, noting "stuff everywhere."

the National Weather Service did issue a severe thunderstorm warning for Clark and several other counties sometime after 4:30 p.m. that expired about 6:15 p.m.

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Her neighbor across the street, Judy McClurg, said she hasn't seen a storm in several decades that scared her as much as this one did.

She said she took her lap dog to the basement with her after she, too, looked out a window and couldn't see anything because of the driving rain.

"What I would say to people is when they look out and see a storm, they'd better get to the basement," McClurg said. "This one really scared me bad.... People needs to take cover."

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