Tecumseh seniors start ‘one student at a time’ graduation ceremonies

Tecumseh High School seniors started their “one student at a time” graduation ceremonies on Monday.

Each student has a time slot for their graduation walk through Friday, and can bring up to nine family members.

One senior who received her diploma Monday afternoon said the ceremony was handled well.

“I think it was different from what we’re use to, but it was the best way they could do it and it was handled very well,” said Ellie Gehret.

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Seniors are having their picture taken in front of the Circle T in the Arrow Conference Room, and a class graduation photo will be prepared using these photos.

After each senior’s photo is taken, they go to the auditorium to walk across the stage and receive their diploma.

“I think it was a memory we lost out on, but it’s something that’s so unique that no ones had before so we have our own experience,” Gehret said.

Each senior walk and acceptance of their diploma will be videotaped and edited together to make a full ceremony. It will be made available on YouTube.

Triad seniors walk across stage in individual graduations

“We will make the best of our situation and do as much as possible to make sure our seniors enjoy their last visit to the high school before they “graduate” in the auditorium,” said Superintendent Paula Crew. “Although this is definitely a different type of graduation ceremony, I know the parents and staff will have just as much pride and joy for our graduates, one at a time, as they would have for them collectively.”

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