Stevens Bakery & Orchard serves up homemade pies

This family-owned and operated business has an orchard with more than 1,500 fruit trees and sells more than 20 kinds of pie.

Stevens Bakery & Orchard

Location: 7344 Thackery Road, Springfield

Contact:, (937) 788-2873


Chris and Sharon Stevens are forty-three years married. His childhood home in the Terre Haute (pronounced, “Terry Hut”) area is just one-half mile from their present residential/business property. She was born in Utica, N.Y., and her father was relocated to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base when she was in elementary school. When the youngsters reached a mature age, they were introduced to each other by mutual friends, they courted, and then they married.

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Later, his yearning to work from home and her award-winning pies at the county fair were the deciding factors for the couple to construct a family bakery and orchard on their property.

Chris built an addition onto their house to allow for commercial refrigerators, stoves, racks, and baking space. Once constructed, they opened Stevens Bakery & Orchard in 1998. This family-owned and operated business has their daughter Amy assisting her mother in the bakery, their son Brian tending to the orchard with his father, and their six grandchildren helping who and where they can!

Sharon proudly features “made-from-scratch” pies with quality ingredients; without canned pie fillings, or added preservatives. Stevens Bakery is available by telephone year-round for you to pre-order pies and scheduled their pick-up.

Pie Order & Price:

Pre-order is required (one week’s notice) with pick-up only (no delivery).

Price per pie — $11.

Fruit Pies:

Apple Streusel — crisp, sliced Johathan Apples

Blackberry — plump, juicy berries

Blueberry — loaded with antioxidants

Cherry — tart, Michigan cherries & sweetened perfectly

Peach — tree-ripened, sliced peaches with a bit of cinnamon

Rhubarb — tart and tangy

Strawberry Rhubarb — tart and tangy, with sweet strawberries

Other Favorite Pies:

Custard-old-fashioned egg custard

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie — chocolate chips and pecans with Brownie texture

Pecan — “Grand Champion Blue Ribbon” recipe

Pumpkin — perfect blend of pumpkin and spices

Sugar Cream — “Just Like Grandma Use To Make!”

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Cream Pies:

Banana — ripe bananas covered w/freshly made vanilla pudding

Buckeye — “State of Ohio” pie!

Butterscotch — “Grandpa’s Favorite Pie!”

Chocolate — “Kid tested for flavor!”

Coconut — Stevens’ best-selling pie!

Lemon — topped w/whipped cream

Peanut Butter — delicate peanut butter under vanilla pudding

“No Sugar Added” Pies:

Apple — crisp, sliced Jonathan apples with touch of spices

Peach — tree-ripened peaches with a touch of cinnamon

Pumpkin — balanced blend of pumpkin and spices


Telephone to order a pie anytime from Stevens Bakery.

More Information:

No pets are allowed on the Stevens Bakery & Orchard premises, due to insurance liablility.

You’ll find Stevens Bakery pies at about 20 dining locations throughout Ohio, so check the website for the list of eateries to visit.

Stevens Orchard has 18 varieties of apples, and about 1,500 fruit trees in all! The orchard is open for “U-Pick-Em” from late-August to late-October.

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