Springfield photographer takes photos of neighbors amid pandemic

A Springfield photographer is bringing a little fun to the Northridge neighborhood by taking family photos during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I know a lot of people are going through a hard time,” Elizabeth Newman said. “I really just wanted to offer something that maybe not everyone could afford right now.”

Newman owns Elizabeth Newman Photography and is a nurse at Soin Medical Center in Beavercreek.

She said she was inspired to take pictures of her neighbors by another photographer’s work on Facebook.

“All of my neighbors we are all really close, so I reached out to them and told them what I wanted to do,” Newman said. “They were super excited about it and I told them to run with it.”

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Some of her neighbors took funny family photos describing what they have been doing during the pandemic.

Charli Herron, a mother of two sons, Ethan Miller and Brayden Herron, did just that.

Her sons brought their schoolwork outside on their porch and she wore her scrubs. They also hung Miller’s cap and gown on their door because he is a senior this year.

“I thought it was just very selfless of her,” Charli said. “She is still working as a nurse and she has young kids at home. She went out and walked around to do this for the community - to provide a little something during these crazy times.”

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Newman said she is planning to continue to do this for free in the Northridge neighborhood.

“I feel like through doing this I’m giving myself a little bit of a challenge and I think it still yielded some really beautiful photos,” Newman said.

She explained that now is the time to slow down, cherish family and reflect on life.

“Despite this being a really challenging time for people, take a minute to enjoy the time that we have - the time that we get to take walks with our families, sit down to dinner with them and really pour ourselves into our lives.”

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