Springfield neighborhoods participating in ‘social distancing egg hunt’

Easter egg hunts have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but North Spring Dental is keeping spirits up through a different type of egg hunt.

“The idea is to get neighborhoods to participate so that on nice days or even gloomy days, you can still have lot of fun,” Jamie McKinnon, a dental assistant at North Spring Dental said.

North Spring Dental is encouraging residents to participate in their “social distancing egg hunt.”

Residents wanting to participate should make paper Easter eggs, hang the eggs on a front window or door and send their address to North Spring Dental’s Facebook page by Thursday.

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North Spring Dental will compile a list of addresses, without names, for residents to do a drive-by Easter egg hunt.

McKinnon said she came up with the idea from a mutual friend on Facebook that was doing this in a different city.

“It gives the kids something to do, be creative in designing their eggs and they get excited to hang them up for their friends and family to see,” McKinnon said. “You can make it a counting game and a family fun game at “hunting” for them all.”

So far, McKinnon has collected about 12 addresses including homes in the Glenco Estates and Northridge neighborhoods.

She said she hopes this can become a community activity.

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“This is a fun way to have a “safe distance” Easter egg hunt during this time and the ability for families to do it together,” McKinnon said. “At North Spring Dental we want to do our part in helping people share smiles and fun during this difficult time for everyone.”

Some houses in the Glenco Estates neighborhood have also been participating in a “bear hunt” during the stay-at-home order.

Residents have been posing teddy bears or pictures of bears in their front window or door for families to find as a social distancing scavenger hunt.

“The purpose is to have fun and do it together as a family, while staying safe,” McKinnon said.

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