Springfield funeral home buys bullet proof vest for Clark County K-9

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office’s K-9 received his own bulletproof vest on Monday, thanks to a donation from a Springfield funeral home.

Littleton & Rue Funeral Home donated the ballistic vest to Pablo on Monday.

“What we have done at Littleton & Rue is decided to invest in the K-9 unit in Clark County,” funeral director Rob Rue said. “We have a high value for what the K-9 unit brings to our community.”

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Rue said one of the reasons the vest was donated was because of funeral services Littleton & Rue held several years ago for the sheriff’s office’s former K-9, Rambo.

Rambo died in 2013 from complications from cancer after serving the sheriff’s office for eight years.

“We decided to go ahead and donate this vest to the (sheriff’s office) for Pablo because we had cared for the K-9 unit several years ago when Rambo had died,” Rue said. “There was a high attendance for that and it just really touched everybody’s heart.”

The funeral home decided to reach out and provide the vest for Pablo, especially since the unit not only serves the county but also the city, Rue said.

“When the opportunity came up, we thought that it would be good to honor Pablo and the community by investing in this,” he said. “It came to our attention from the sheriff that Pablo was the only deputy that did not have a bulletproof vest, so we also saw the higher value to provide that. We’re glad to be able to do this.”

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Clark County Sheriff Deb Burchett said the office is happy about the funeral home’s donation.

“Pablo didn’t have a vest and we were always worried about him being out there on the streets working. All our other deputies have a vest, Pablo is a deputy, so he needed a vest,” Burchett said.

The ballistic vest Pablo received is the same that the deputies wear, Burchett said.

“It can protect against gunshots, it can protect against stab wounds, needles, anything like that the vest will protect,” Burchett said. “The vest he’s wearing is the same ballistic type vest that the deputies wear.”

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