South Limestone Kroger to close: What Springfield residents are saying

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South Limestone Kroger closing in Springfield on March 3, according to city officials.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The Springfield Kroger on South Limestone Street in Springfield will close next month as part of the company’s Restock Kroger Plan.

“As part of the Restock Kroger plan, the company will utilize more of its capital to fund technology and infrastructure upgrades to provide its customers with a seamless shopping experience by accelerating digital growth in the region,” the company said in a statement.

The store, located at 1822 S. Limestone St., will close on Tuesday, March 4.

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Several residents shared their opinions about Kroger’s decision on the Springfield News-Sun Facebook page.

"This is terrible, that Kroger was one of the best around for their customer service," Shannon Lusk said. "You were always greeted as soon as you walked through the door!" 

"That is awful for people who depend on that store," Julie Heinz Shaffer said. "There are no other options for them." 

"A lot of people live close to that Kroger, because they can't afford to get a car," Ron Vincent said. "When Kroger shuts down, there won't be a single grocery store on that side of town."

"As an employee, I'm heart broken for the elderly that barley make it to the store pushing there little buggies and we have people on here saying its not that big a deal. Main Street is a 10 minute drive, but that's an hour and a half or more walk for people that barley make it around anyways," April Rosemary Vazquez said.

Kroger currently employs 69 associates at their South Limestone location and all associates will be given the opportunity to transfer to another location, the statement said.

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On Friday after the announcement was made, Springfield Mayor Warren Copeland released a statement that says in part, “We in Springfield City Government are sorely disappointed that Kroger has made the unfortunate decision to withdraw from an area of our community that has so loyally patronized its services.”

The statement continues on to say, “In my conversations with Kroger officials about improving the store they always assured me that they at least had no plans to close this store.”

Mayor Copeland also said the closure of the store will affect an area of Springfield that already has limited options for grocery needs, and the City is currently reaching out to community stakeholders and organizations to discuss other options ‘in the wake of the Kroger Company’s regrettable decision.’

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