Small town speed traps: Where are they in the Dayton region?

The ACLU of Ohio identified 51 municipalities where motorists are nearly five times more likely to get a traffic ticket than they are in major metro areas.

In “Off the Records: Profiteering and Misconduct in Ohio’s Mayor’s Courts,” a new report released this week, the civil liberties group crunched 2016 ticket data and found speed traps — places where motorists are cited at unusually high rates.

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In the Miami Valley, the area’s where you are most likely to get a ticket are:

* Tremont City, Clark County, population 375, its one officer wrote 424 tickets.

* Waynesville Police in Warren County, population 697, its three officers wrote 697 tickets.

* Maineville Police in Warren County, population 975, its two officers wrote 394 tickets.

* Enon Police in Clark County, population 2,415, its five officers wrote 524 tickets.

“Another indication that police officers in these municipalities were ticketing to generate revenue was the practice of issuing multiple citations for each traffic stop,” the report found.

The citation per officer rate for Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and Cincinnati for 2016 was 36.4.

In Kirkersville, a small town on U.S. 40 east of Columbus, the part-time officer wrote 572 tickets — a rate of 1,144 per officer.

In Hanging Rock in Lawrence County, the community’s 4.5 police officers wrote 2,987 tickets — a rate of 664 per officer. Hanging Rock population is 221.

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