Seeing smoke near Wright-Patt? Base conducting controlled burns today

Large columns of smoke have been spotted from areas around Wright-Patterson Air Force Base due to scheduled, controlled burns in the area.

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The burns started around 10 a.m. and will continue through at least 3 p.m. and will cover around 30 acres at the base, officials said in a media release Friday.

The first burn was conducted on state Route 235 near Gate 26A in the morning, while the second burn started around 1 p.m. at the Huffman Prairie.

Base officials said scheduled, prescribed burns are used to maintain a healthy ecosystem on the property, and to eliminate some fire hazards.

Controlled burns around the base have been delayed during their burn season due to unfavorable weather conditions, officials said.

"Fire is a natural management tool that releases essential nutrients back into the soil, reduces the thatch layer and aids in reducing the fuel load which aids in controlling wildland fires," Darryn Warner, Natural Resources Program Manager said in a media release.

"Several rare species of plants and animals call Wright-Patterson AFB home and as land managers, we rely on several different management methods to enhance the habitat these species utilize."

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