Salvation Army dodgeball tournament to support at-risk youth program

The Salvation Army is looking for residents to dip, duck, dive and dodge for a good cause at its March dodgeball tournament.

“We’re super excited again to host our famous dodgeball tournament,” said Ryan Ray, development director at the Salvation Army of Springfield. “It has really become the area’s highest energy, most fun-filled charity event around.”

Ray said the tournament was put together 11 years ago to help fund programs for at-risk youth — and it has steadily grown over every year since.

“It’s just grown over the years and there are some people that have been in it from day one and will continue to be in it,” Ray said. “This is far more than just dodgeball. While it’s fun, you’re also supporting something much greater and that much greater piece happens to be supporting the kids of Clark County who are at-risk.”

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This year’s tournament will be a double elimination, which means each player will get at least two games, Ray said. March’s tournament will also feature a new rule.

“This year we’re implementing the no-pinch rule, which is a rule that I think is probably going to be best at least for this year,” Ray said. “A pinch technique is used usually by professionals and it gives the ball a lot more movement, a lot more velocity and it can be a little tough for nonprofessional teams who don’t really play that much but just are in the tournament to support the cause and to have a little bit of fun.”

The proceeds from this event goes towards a city-wide youth basketball tournment that also offers a “halftime concert,” Ray said.

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“We bring in a Christian hip hop artist to do a halftime concert, but it’s a free tournament for the kids,” Ray said. “It’s about $10,000 to put on so this dodgeball tournament helps support that.”

Registration costs $30 per player, and fees are due on the morning of the tournament. To register by the March 11 deadline, call 937-244-5262.

“You’ll want to wear the same colors, have a cool, creative team name,” Ray said. “Come see what all the hype is about. Come be a part of a great cause.”

The tournament will be at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 14, at 15 Plum St. in Springfield.

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