Madison Twp. to vote on utility aggregation issues in November

Residents in Madison Twp. will vote on two separate ballot issues on Nov. 6 to decide whether or not to allow negotiations on residents’ behalf for contracts for electric and natural gas services.

If approved, the township would be allowed to work with a consulting firm to negotiate contracts for those services, ideally leading to lower rates for residents, said Lucas Fykes, director of operations for Trebel LLC. Trebel is a consulting firm based in Columbus working with the township.

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If voters approve the aggregation programs, Trebel would negotiate with natural gas and electricity providers on behalf of several townships across Ohio to get a better price for residents who are enrolled, Fykes said. Residents would be enrolled automatically unless they have already signed contracts with providers. Anyone who isn’t interested also can opt out at any time, even if the issue is approved by voters.

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“It’s essentially setting up a separate option for residents,” Fykes said.

Madison Twp. trustees didn’t return calls from the Springfield News-Sun seeking comment.

There is no cost to the townships to participate and township funds won’t be used to promote the aggregation issues at any point, Fykes said.

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It’s not yet possible to say how much of a savings residents would receive on their utility bills because Trebel won’t negotiate with the electric and natural gas providers until next year, he said, likely in the spring.

“We’ve seen these programs be very good for local residents,” Fykes said.


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