Local pet rescue organization receives donated gifts

Santa’s sleigh came in the form of a U-Haul truck Sunday afternoon for a local animal shelter.

A group from Canine Justice Network, a Cincinnati-based organization that supports shelter and rescue dog efforts, dressed in Santa Claus and elf hats to drop off a number of donated supplies to support Pawsitive Warriors Rescue.

Pawsitive Warriors, an advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals, was selected out of a group of around 100 shelters and rescues in the Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky area Canine Justice Network serves.

The gesture brought Bridget Moyer, the social media coordinator for Pawsitive Warriors, to tears upon receiving the confirmation.

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“It’s a big honor for us since we’ve only been open for a year. Most others have been open a lot longer,” she said.

Pawsitive Warriors is a non-profit and staffed by unpaid volunteers. It is located at 1833 N. Dayton-Lakeview Rd.

Canine Justice Network takes nominations from people who were served by the various rescues. The organization’s president, Natasha Madison, said Pawsitive Warriors stood out in determining donation recipients.

“They met all our criteria: not having same-day adoptions, doing home visits, having the dogs spayed and neutered. Their love shows,” Madison said.

Madison got to play Santa host, announcing the various donated items as her elves brought various items from the U-Haul.

Pawsitive Warriors’ staff submitted a wish list and the Network responded with large quantities of laundry detergent, soap, trash bags, hand sanitizer, several pounds of dog treats, paper towels and bleach among them.

The biggest items included solar lights for the currently unlighted outdoor exercise area and a new drier.

The drier especially helps considering the shelter spends $140 a week on laundry alone as blankets are changed twice a day.

Volunteers, local business owners and college students helped take the goods into the shelter, which can house up to 30 dogs at a given time.

“It’s not us you should be thanking,” Madison told the attendees. “This is our real Christmas.”

Pawsitive Warriors founder and executive director Molly Murray can identify. The last year has been a dream and this makes the future even brighter.

“That they considered us was an honor and to have chosen us, that’s just a huge deal.”

For more information on Pawsitive Warriors, go to www.pawsitivewarriorsrescue.org.

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