What you’re saying: Facebook reacts to ‘stand your ground’ gun bill passing Ohio House

A “stand your ground” bill that passed the Ohio House this week would allow armed Ohioans facing a threat or perceived threat in public spaces to defend themselves with lethal force with no “duty to retreat” first.

Supporters say having to seek a path of retreat puts people at risk of harm before they can defend themselves. To become law, the bill would still have to pass the Ohio Senate and overcome a promised veto from Gov. John Kasich.


The bill also puts the burden of proof on the prosecution, rather than the citizen, when a person shoots someone and claims self-defense. Some legislators suggested that allows too much latitude for one person to kill another with no one else around and then claim the dead person had threatened them, with no way to disprove it.

A post about the bill on our Ohio Politics Facebook page drew hundreds of comments both for and against the law.

Here are some notable comments:

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