What people are saying online about John Legend’s new single, ‘Preach’

Singer, songwriter, record producer, and Springfield native John Legend announced the release of his new single Friday.

“Preach” was announced on Legend’s social media pages. Legend had this to say about his latest release:

“Sometimes we can get so frustrated by the news and what’s going on and there’s this battle going on in ourselves. Do we become apathetic? Do we become engaged? Do we just talk about it, or do we do something?” Legend said on Twitter, adding the hashtag #CantJustPreach

The video features images depicting a variety of social issues, including mass shootings, immigration, and police brutality.

On the video’s webpage on YouTube, users may contribute money to FreeAmerica, which “exists to amplify the voices of individuals impacted by the criminal justice system and those who are working to change it. By challenging stereotypes, breaking down barriers, and uplifting solutions, we are helping to end mass incarceration and invest in just, equitable, and thriving communities across the United States.”

Rolling Stone called Legend’s video “powerful” in an article about the new release.

Here is what other people are saying about the single:

  • "What a powerful video and powerful song. Brought tears to my eyes," Braxton Stott said on Twitter.
  • "Goosebumps from start to finish, and tears in my eyes. @johnlegend, you've done it again. So powerful and timely," said Twitter user Sarah Casey.

“This is the most important video/song. For artists to stand up to controversial topics are so monumental to this generation, to the next and the last. Thank you for continuing to spread messages that are clear and important. And most importantly, thank you for spreading positivity and light,” Stephanie Valverde said on Instagram.

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