Here’s why The Hickory Inn is special

Restaurant: The Hickory Inn

Location: 652 N. Limestone St., Springfield

Telephone: 937-323-1702



Ed and Kim (Ream) Williamson were born, met, married and work in Springfield. Their family now includes two sons, two daughters-in-law and four grandchildren.

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Early in their marriage, they decided to open a pizza-only place named Electric Pizza.

The shop was located across the street from the prominent Hickory Drive-In.

In 1947 Hickory Drive-In opened by Elmo McBeth and Fred Stegemoeller. Later, in the 1950s, Huck and Anna Lehman bought the business and managed it for decades.

After working their Electric Pizza shop for a few years, Ed and Kim were asked by the Lehmans’ if they’d purchase the Hickory. They knew it would expand their production, since the Hickory had a full-service restaurant and bar, so they agreed to become the new owners, yet change the name a bit. July 2017 marked the 39th anniversary of “One of Springfield’s Oldest Restaurants, The Hickory Inn.”

Although pizza is the backbone of its business, The Hickory Inn has an all-encompassing cuisine. Its unique pizza crusts are white, whole wheat or gluten-free and cooked on stone using a stainless steel, mesh baking screen; pans are only used for serving. Its handcrafted appetizers, chicken, pork, ribs, steaks, seafood, subs, pasta dinners and Mexican food round out the full-size menu in this historic venue.

The owners say, “We are special because we’d like you to feel comfortable and relaxed without a rush-rush atmosphere; enjoy your meal and our hospitality.”

The menu

Beverages: Citavo Coffee-$1.50; Pepsi products, or Lemonade-$1.75 (glass)/$6.50 (pitcher); Fully stocked bar.

Kid’s Menu (w/sides): Chicken Strips, Roast Beef Hot Shot, or Spaghetti & Meatball-$5.

“Daily Specials” (include): Chicken & Noodles-$7.75; Small Pizza & Salads (two)-$15.

Pizzas: Small Pizza (twelve in.), or Large Pizza (16 inches)-$13 to $26.

Sub Sandwiches: Meatball Sub-$7.95; Italian Sub, or Vegetarian Sub-$8.95.

Soups: “Soup-of-the-Day”-$3.25/$4.25; Spicy Chili-$4.25/$5.25; French Onion Soup-$4.75.

Salads: “House” Salad-$2.95; Hot Wing Salad-$6.95; Nacho Salad-$8.95.

Burgers & Sandwiches (w/chips): Traditional Burgers-$6.50; Specialty Burgers-$7.50; Italian Sausage Sandwich-$6.50; Pork BBQ

Sandwich-$6.95/$8.95; Chicken Parmesan-$7.95; Club Sandwich-$8.25.

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Appetizers: Fried Cauliflower, or Fried Pickles-$6.50; Fried Ravioli-$7.50; Grouper Fingers-$8.50.

Entrees: Spaghetti & Meatballs-$11.95; Char-broiled Chicken-$13.95; Combo Mexican Platter-$15.50; Baby Back Pork Ribs-$16.95/$22.95; Pork Chops-$17.95/$20.95; Haddock Fish (ten oz.)-$18.95; “House” Sirloin Steak (10 oz.)-$20.95.

Desserts (vary): Malted Caramel Pie-$5.75; “Black Tie Cake,” has three layers of dark and white chocolate-$6.25.


Lunch: Tuesday-Friday, starts at 11 a.m.; dinner: Monday-Saturday, starts at 5 p.m.

More information

Reservations are never accepted at The Hickory Inn. Free parking is directly behind, along the side street next to, and across the street in the lot to the left of the restaurant.

The Hickory Inn provides carryout service with at least a 30-minute notice.

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